David Eisenbraun

For Larimer County Assessor

Respect, ongoing communication, and transparency are hallmarks of effective governance: key components of what I would bring to the office of Larimer County Assessor. My education and experience as a certified planner provide the knowledge base to successfully manage the critical functions of the office. My goal in seeking this trusted position is to advocate for the citizens of Larimer County and provide data-proven accuracy throughout the assessment process.


Vision, Issues, & Values

With nearly a decade of working in local government David knows what it means to advocate for balanced property assessments. David takes the approach of transparency and accountability to lead from the front to be your assessor. David has proven governmental leadership, driven innovation, transparency and equity. As your new Larimer County Assessor, he will be your advocate to only assess what is necessary. He will provide new and proactive communication methods for all citizens. 

Vision: To recapture the trust of citizens in Larimer County concerning the property assessment process, and provide a reliable knowledge base that will support individual and business efforts to succeed in Larimer County.

Issues:  Over the last few years, the Larimer County Assessor’s office had a record number of protests regarding assessments, signaling it’s time for a change in leadership, data-driven processes, greater transparency, and renewed respect for—and better communication with—the citizens. A secondary issue is developing more objective assessment tools that will allow for better understanding of the assessment process in a highly dynamic market.

Values: Throughout my career in local governments, I have focused on protecting citizen rights and working to find mutually beneficial outcomes. Integrity, transparency, and objectivity are values I strive to implement in all activities, and would be honored to advocate for the citizens of Larimer County.

The Leadership Our County Needs Right Now.

About David

A native of North Dakota, David has strong ties and understanding of rural issues, such as helping small communities thrive while maintaining their unique character. But he also has an appreciation of larger communities, having lived and worked in large cities as a strategic planner. To date, he’s managed over $550 million in projects in his career. His experience is backed by education, with degrees from the University of Colorado and North Dakota State University in Urban and Regional Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Environmental Design. 

The fast-paced growth of the Front Range needs thoughtful deliberation and objective planning to support the ongoing success of Larimer County. Whether agriculture or oil and gas producers, business owners or homeowners, David’s goal is to help protect what you value: your property. By working together, we can create a respectful, transparent, and objective assessment process for Larimer County.

With nearly a decade of local governmental experience, he will contend and commit to the county residents for balanced and data- driven assessments.

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David is running for this office because he believes he can make a difference in Larimer County and restore trust in the Assessor’s Office. Any donation will be a huge help in this endeavor!

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